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| The Successful Pitch Podcast

Forget everything you’ve been taught about pitching your business — you’re doing it wrong.

To achieve success as an entrepreneur in business, you need to be able to pitch your business to clients and investors. Without a polished pitch, you’re wasting time and potentially risk losing future funding.

Over the next 52 weeks, join Allon Raiz in his new bite-sized podcast series as he walks you through preparing the perfect pitch.

| Allon Raiz book bundle

One of this year’s judges and experienced entrepreneur, Allon Raiz, has had many ups and downs on his entrepreneurial journey. Read as he imparts his wisdom on the dos and don’ts of starting a new business and what to do when you want to give up.

| Pitch & Polish Preparation Pack

A prepared pitch can be the difference between closing or losing a deal! This pack features 26 tough questions that investors and bank managers typically ask in a pitch PLUS 26 dos and don’ts.